The Group

The Choice Group is one of the largest and highly diversified business conglomerates headquartered in Cochin with branches in all the major trading centers in South India, besides United States of America, Canada, South Korea, & Japan. The history of Choice Group spans half a century of entrepreneurial excellence dating back from modest beginnings in 1962 to its present day stature as a highly reputed business house in the South Indian state of Kerala.

The multi-activity profile of the Group is serviced by over thousand employees deriving their strength from the vision and dynamic leadership of Mr. Jose Thomas under whom the corporate has recorded impressive growth in its flagship operations in Marine products Exports and Shipping and also registered expansion in areas as diverse as Prepared Frozen Meals, Real Estate, Property Development, I.T, Entertainment and Education.


Our various divisions in operation are:

  • Choice Canning Co. Inc , New Jersey, USA.
  • Choice Canning Co. Cochin.
  • Choice Trading Corporation Pvt.Ltd, Cochin, India.
  • Choice Canning Co., Ontario, Canada.
  • Choice Group Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore.
  • Choice Intermodal Services, Cochin (with branches in Chennai, Tuticorin, Vizag, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Krishnapatnam).
  • Choice Shipping Lines, Cochin (with branches in Tuticorin, Vizag, Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore,Mumbai).
  • Choice Constructions, Cochin.
  • Choice School ,Cochin.
  • JTPAC, Cochin.
  • Choice Infoway.

Each business is managed independently by an experienced and dedicated team of professionals and the continuing success of the Group is attributable to its spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence. In each of its chosen fields of activity, the Group enjoys an enviable position. In many of them, it is the leader and innovator. In all of them, the same standards of professionalism and excellence prevail. The courage to dream has always been the mark of a leader but this coupled with inexhaustible energy, perseverance, daring and an ambitious vision has rendered Mr. Jose Thomas, the M.D of Choice Group truly outstanding - young in age, rich in experience and bursting with the desire to place the Choice Group on the global business map. Starting at the very young age of 17, this gutsy entrepreneur has engineered a remarkable growth graph starting with his small seafood company and subsequently expanding into diverse activities while consistently ensuring that each division left its mark of excellence in all its operations. Today, the group registers a turnover of over INR 600 crores with marine exports as the flagship business of the Group.


CMD's message

CHOICE GROUP - A group that, has earned a unique slot in the area of global trade on the basis of its commitment to excellence. It is the judicious blend of human and material resources with total commitment to quality that makes it what it is today - a leader in Quality Management and dedicated human resources mobilization.

Established in the year 1953 by my late father, Mr. O.C Thomas, Choice Group was into processing and exporting of canned shrimp and thus it was named Choice Canning Company. When canning technology got outdated in the 70's, freezing technology was adopted. Processing plants provided value addition in 1990.With my feet planted firmly on the ground, I guide a team of committed individuals to aim at the stars. Our ultimate objective is to position the company as a world leader in the food processing industry. We are marching towards this goal with dedicated zeal. We have well - placed offices in various parts of India, U.S, Canada and Singapore.


With a quality conscious professional team supporting me, I am confident of realizing all my dreams. It is not profit alone that propels me in my business. I derive my inspiration and driving force from some of the philosophies and values put into practice like human concern, sharing and belief in truth, which I cherish and always strive to. Keen on providing the best for my employees, I share what I get. Driven by a desire to benefit society at large, the Choice Foundation, registered under the Charities Act, runs The Choice School with a student strength of 2000 and 180 members of teaching and non-teaching staff. Touching the hearts of young children, caring for them, rendering quality education and empowering them to excel in all fields besides giving free education to deserving students are some of its highly cherished objectives. The Choice Group pledges itself to an everlasting commitment to uncompromising quality consciousness and a humane attitude of caring.

I dedicate my entire endeavor to the promotion and fulfillment of the group's objectives, which include the betterment of society as much as the satisfaction of our customers.